April 18th, 2010
Chances are this isn’t the first time you’ve considered trying a daily supplement to enhance your sex life. But with so many different kinds out there, it’s hard to know what’s the genuine deal and who’s just out there to take your money. Lucky for you, we’ve done all of the hard work for you. We’ve exhaustively researched many pills widely available online.In choosing the best pills, our criteria included:- Expediency of results- Price versus quality

- Ingredients

- Customer service

- Company reputation

- Guarantee

Provestra™ Exclusive Review


Provestra™provestrastarstarstarstar #2As low as $35 per pack 


Provestra™ Overview

Provestra – As seen on Fox News

Although HerSolution carries our #1 sexual supplement recommendation, Provestra comes in a close second. It is basically second place across the board in regards to all of the category scores we gave each product, but the one plus in regards to Provestra over HerSolution is that Provestra actually costs a bit more! Whereas HerSolution offers a full six-month money back guarantee, Provestra’s money back guarantee is also only 67 days (including 7 days for return shipping). While this is still plenty of time to test out the product and see if it works for you, HerSolution’s refund policy is a bit longer and because of that (and some other research data) it garnered our #1 recommendation.

What Does Provestra™ Do, Exactly?

Provestra is a very popular sexual supplement that is perhaps most famous for causing the women to use it to rant and rave about how it has improved their sex life*. Indeed, it is quite possible you might have heard its name in passing while discussing sexual supplements with friends or co-workers. Provestra focuses on addressing the many common reasons that women lose interest in sex. These reasons include: stress and anxiety, weak sensations, absence of orgasms and a lack of energy. Provestra’s many ingredients create a delicate balance of extremely beneficial botanicals all into one single (and super convenient) capsule. For example, the valerian root it contains gives you a relaxed and peaceful state of mind to drown out the day’s stress whereas the damiana increases the overall sexual desire – getting you fully into the mood for sex long before you even start*. The ginger root contained within helps to stimulate the flow of blood to your genitals which in turn helps to increase the sensation and possibility for extremely powerful orgasms*. Sound promising?

Are there any side effects?

Similar to HerSolution, Provestra has no known negative side effects, although some women will actually find the side effect of increased breast size to not be a “side effect” at all and instead a plus or even benefit of the product!

Are there any shipping or handling charges?


You actually have three different options that are available to choose from: Fedex, DHL or UPS. Shipping & handling fees will be added automatically to your order charges for your convenience.

Provestra™ Ingredients

Valerian root, ginger root, black cohosh root, damiana leaf, red raspberry leaf and licorice root.

Do You Recommend Provestra™?

Absolutely! Although we recommend HerSolution as our #1 sexual supplement pill, Provestra is the very close behind #2. Since every woman’s body chemistry is different, it is practically a mortal lock that one of our top two recommended products (HerSolution or Provestra) will work for women*. Either one or the other – or usually both! The only negative for Provestra is that it costs a bit more than HerSolution.



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48 Responses to “Provestra”

  1. lorraine says:

    Do you think provestra will work for someone who is 29years old, who had their ovaries surgically removed?

  2. Alyssa says:

    I’m 19 and I’m very active. I’ve bought many sex toys trying to help myself squirt (or orgasim?), and non of it has work. Will this pill help me? And can I buy it in-stores?

    • admin says:

      You might want to try using both pills and gel which will stimulate you internally and externally and hopefully help you reach your goal

  3. Casey says:

    Hi I’m 19 I have great troubles whilst having sex I have a high sex drive and am in a long term serious relationship there is no lacking in my partners side of this, I have great difficulties with wetness and having orgasms my difficulty is none I never have them no matter how good it feels or how into it I get I can’t cum.. Will this work for me ?

  4. Tacy says:

    If 1 provestera works some but it’s still really hard to orgasom. Would it hurt me to take two? Please answer I really need to know

  5. Phillesia Ryans says:

    What can be done for me. I have low libido and no sex drive. Its hard for me to get a organasm. I been in a relationship over 20 years. Looking for something powerful. I wanna be back to my old self

    • admin says:

      Well, these herbs are as powerful as allowed to be sold without prescription. Many women have benefitted from these and there is no harm in trying.

  6. Susan says:

    I am a 47 yo mother of 2 and my youngest is 9 yo. Since my second child, my sex drive has gone to “0″. I haven’t experienced dryness, just no sexual desire. My husband is becoming aggravated with my lack of libido as well. Which would you recommend for me? Hersolution or Provestra ?

  7. TERESA says:


    • admin says:

      These supplements are made of natural ingredients and are tested extensively to ensure safety. For any drug interactions you should consult your doctor.

  8. Charles says:

    Hi, my 23 year old wife and I are closing in on our 2nd wedding anniversary and our sex life is practically non-existent.She loves me and she enjoys sex with me when we actually do have it but she doesnt really “get into it” and she never ever thinks about sex. The problem we are facing is I have a super-charged libido and she has none. I do not want to have to “make” her want sex through physical stimulation because it makes me feel like she is then doing it out of obligation and not desire. So, I am wondering if this pill will make her actually want sex without first being physically stimulated. She does have some deeply rooted sexual issues from her early childhood but Im not sure that is the cause of her lack of interest…although it may be in part. Do you think this pill would help fix her lack of desire for sex? In other words, would it make her physically want sex without the provocation of the physical stimulation?

    • admin says:

      If her problems are solely psychological, the pill may only have limited effect. For any physiological issues, it should work very well. So its worth a try to see if it relaxes her and increases her libido.

  9. Kelly says:

    Hi, I am a 32 year old mother of two. I have never had a high sexual drive and after my second child that drive has continued to go down hill. I have no desire for sex at all now. I have also never had an orgasm. I have tried different gels to but nothing seems to work topically so I am looking for something else. Do you think this will help? I need help!

    • admin says:

      Considering that you are very young, there is a good possibility that this might work for you. If topical gels are not working, these supplements can enhance your sex drive naturally as well as help lubrication and make sex a lot more enjoyable.

  10. Karen says:

    Hi, I have had several back surgeries and am in chronic pain so am on many medications including opioids. I believe they prevent me from achieving orgasm, but occasionally I can get close. I have no sex drive, but a wonderful man who wants to marry me and has a super strong libido. I’m on hormone replacement as I’m 52 and a year and a half since my last period. Yay! In your opinion, would any of these supplements help me increase my libido? Once I’m started I’m ok, I just never feel like having sex. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      It cannot be assured with certainty that these supplements would work since one cannot be sure what is causing your low libido. But there is no other way to find out except to try them. To cover this uncertainty, you get a powerful money back guarantee which gets your money back should these not work for you.

  11. Louise Pearl says:

    Is Provestra or Hersolution safe for women older than 70? Do eith help with tightness?

    • admin says:

      They are considered safe but you should consult your doctor before starting them. The gel can help with tightness as well.

  12. Sharlene says:

    Hi there, Are you able to please tell me if you have released this product to the NZ market. Also I need to know if you can take this with Cit**opram- anti depressants? Thanks

    • admin says:

      Yes, this product is shipped to NZ. You would need to ask your doctor if this can be taken with your current medication

  13. Julie says:

    I am currently taking hormone replacements. Is is safe to take either Hersolution gel or Provestra?

  14. Trudy J. says:

    I’ve been using hersolution for over a year and have been very, very happy with the results. However, I’m still experiencing vaginal dryness. I’m wondering if the provestra may be a better alternative for the vaginal dryness but certainly don’t want to give up the great success I’ve had with hersolution. Is switching something that may help or are they virtually the same product?

    • admin says:

      I agree with you and would not recommending changing the pill when it’s working great for you. You might want to try the hersolution gel instead to get rid of dryness.

  15. Melissa says:

    I am 45 yrs old. I had a a complete hysterectomy in 2006. Almost imediately my Dr put a “hormone patch” on me. That did nothing for me at all. 6 years later and I have no libido or very little, and when I can get into “it”, I’m very dry and it hurts, so that takes the fun out of it for me and my husband. I’ve gained almost 20 lbs and have absolutely no energy. I’ve tried everything, the bio identicals, black Kohash, natural ingrediants, yada yada yada, with no luck. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I can at least get help with my libido, at least that way I can at least please my husband and myself. Please dont try to sell me something I don’t need. I need help. Do you think this will work?

    • admin says:

      Considering that you have tried all kinds of pills and products including natural ones without help, it is unlikely that these pills would help. But, to make sex more pleasurable, you might want to try the gel. It will make sex much more enjoyable and possibly help you get in the mood naturally. Of course, it will take care of the dryness etc. as well.

  16. T82 says:

    I’m currently taking the 21 day birth control and since taking them I have notice that my sex drive has dropped so much. I have no desire for sex. How long does HerSolution Pills or the Provestra Pills has to be taken before you can feel the effects? I do understand that everyone body is different.

    • admin says:

      If you have just started 21 day birth control and noticed a drop in sex drive, hersolution/provestra should work fairly quickly. You can start with a month’s supply and see if it is helping… but if your birth control is causing a serious drop in your libido you should also consider changing your birth control pills/methods.

  17. Katie T. says:

    I am 35 and my sex drive decreased slightly year, after year for the past 10 years until I had no interest in sex at all. After using Provestra now for 2 1/2 weeks I can feel a boost in my sexual desire that I haven’t felt since I was in my early 20′s. The vaginal dryness is gone now and I am actually thinking of buying myself some new “bedroom clothes”! Thanks Provestra for bringing that “old but good” feeling back into my life again. I will be purchasing it again.

  18. nathonia says:

    Shortly after taking Provestra this morning, my menstrual cycle has began and I have only taken two tablets. I am 47 and have a semi-normal cycle, but I just had my cycle two weeks ago.

  19. Priscila says:

    Hi, I am 32 y/o, have 2 kids and have NO libido whatsoever! I NEVER feel like having sex! I have no problem getting and orgasm, but i have no desire to have sex! After my second son, who is 2 was born I was sexless for 1 year and not missing a bit! I really hope the pills will work for me!

    • admin says:

      Considering your age and the fact that you are able to orgasm, there is a good chance that these pills will work for you. Pregnancy and childbirth can really impact your libido. While most women regain it sometime after childbirth many do not. And Hersolution has shown very good results in these cases.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I have never had a big sex drive, but I have always had enough to satisfy my husband. But since my second child was born it dropped drastically and then with my third it dropped to almost zero. I have always had a very low sensitivity too. And had never even experienced an orgasm until a couple of years ago and only during oral sex and still have not had one during typical sex. It is So frustrating and especially since I can not relate to friends who seem to have such great sex lives. But I noticed that hersolution also says that it increases fertility. We are Definitely Not in the market for another set of little feet! But I can not use condoms either. What kind, if any, birth control could I use with either of these pills? Thank you and I am looking forward to trying this.

    • admin says:

      HerSolution may improve genital blood circulation. Any birth control method should be fine with hersolution. What are you using currently? You can continue using the same method.

  21. Dee25 says:

    Is this something that I would have to take forever, or just until things perk back up?

    • admin says:

      Once your hormonal balance is restored you need not take them anymore. However, you might need a course again if you see your drive dropping back.

  22. carolann says:

    Is there a certain age group that this product is particularly intended for? I’m 22 and interested in buying this.

  23. jessica dryden says:

    hi, i have a 15 month old son and ever since i had him my sex drive is 0….. i have no want or need for sex. it is causing friction in my long term relationship. i also suffer from vaginal dryness.. please please help me get back into it!!

    • admin says:

      You should first try the gel and see if it solves the problem as I expect that you are still nursing your 15 month old? Once you stop breastfeeding and if you still see that your drive isn’t back you can start the pills.

  24. Kebbi Williams says:

    I have never had any real desire sexually. I have only been taking Provestra for a little over a week, yet I have definitely noticed a change,not so much mentally, as I don’t think any pill can do that, but physically. I have noticed a big increase in sensitivity, and that seems to be making me mentally more stimulated. I personally am glad I found this!

  25. Lisa C. says:

    After taking Provestra for a month or so, I almost had no difference in libido or sensitivity. For that price this is not good product at all.

    • admin says:

      Thats the thing with all natural products. They will not work for everyone. Products like provestra work for a majority of women who have tried them but there would definitely be some who won’t experience the desired effects. That is why a solid money back guarantee is a must and I am happy to say that Provestra has that. If it didn’t work for you, you can return the unused product and get all your money back (minus shipping) within 60 days.

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