The TRUTH about the Female Orgasm

March 26th, 2010

Reaching climax is the highpoint of sexual intercourse. Men and women are built differently and this is evident in how they reach orgasm. Unlike men, the female’s sensitive parts are located internally, which makes reaching an orgasm a bit more difficult for women.

Men often concentrate their efforts on the vaginal area because they believe that women can achieve an orgasm by stimulating the clitoris. Although the female’s clitoris is considered to be their most sensitive part, spending some time on the other erogenous zones could help them achieve faster and stronger orgasms.

It may come as a surprise for men but women do not have an orgasm every time they have sex. This is either because men climax before their female partners or the male is unable to stimulate the female into orgasm.

Men should also understand that sex and stimulation for women does not deal only with the physical aspect but a lot more with their state of mind. This is why setting the mood and what you say or do before physical contact helps the female in reaching an orgasm.

The clitoris serves only one purpose and that is for sexual pleasure. So concentrating on this part of the female anatomy can make sex not only an enjoyable experience for a female but more importantly also a satisfying one.

Men should also consider spending more time in foreplay than just concentrating on penetrating the female vagina. Sometimes it takes a fair amount of time before a female is fully prepared for intercourse. Heating up your intimate encounter before actually doing it can help females achieve orgasm faster.

Studies have shown that men achieve orgasm after 10 to 15 minutes of sexual activity, but men who are already adequately stimulated are able to reach their climax even earlier. This would not be a problem except for the fact that women have a longer average time for reaching their orgasm. Research has placed this at around 20 minutes. This is probably the reason why women don’t achieve an orgasm every time they have sex so men should consider controlling their climax.

Women are also capable of reaching multiple orgasms. This means that they can have an orgasm just after the first one or have a series of orgasms right after the other. Men on the other hand require a fair amount of recuperating after reaching their climax and the amount of time needed increases as they age.

Females reach an orgasm through the stimulation of two highly sensitive parts in their body. The first one is through physical stimulation of the clitoris and the second through vaginal stimulation. Men often mistake the clitoris as the female’s G spot. The G spot is usually located on the vaginal roof, around two inches from the opening.

Females may also have different experiences when it comes to orgasm. Some females may not have the same “earth shattering” experience but have a relaxed and calm experience after sex. Many females also enjoy the closeness and intimacy of intercourse and are satisfied even without an orgasm.

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33 Responses to “The TRUTH about the Female Orgasm”

  1. Rodger says:

    i need help on how i can satisfy my wife sexaully

  2. Sarah says:

    I was too worried as I did not really had the penetration part because we were not supposed to but still there’s some kind of ejaculation from my vagina since we had some of the sexual activity. So is this fairly normal or I should worry for something happened n go for a check?

  3. BEcky says:

    I was wondering if all of this really works and where would I get it.

    • admin says:

      It does. Just not for everyone. So the only way to know would be to try. Its available online and shipped worldwide.

  4. MAB says:

    I DO NOT agree. Part of the reason, but not all, I am so in love you my man is because I do have an eye rolling, toe curling organs EVERYTIME! Been together for 8 years and it has never changed.

  5. Jessica says:

    I did not think it was possible I use to tell my boy friend
    That there is no such thing. Everytime he would play with
    Me it felt good but also hurt. One day he said just relax
    And after that it was all good . Lady’s it is very possible
    For me we love each other and it is something special
    Between the two of us. It feel wonderful and the sex is
    More than better. My body knows when it is ready some
    Times it can happen once and other more depending
    On the mood. All I can say is relax and be comfortable

  6. rachael says:

    Pat, What is your field of study and credentials? I am a nurse, with 15 + years experience in multiple areas of medicine—Women’s Health is one of them. I’m here to tell you, BOTH professionally and personally–Woman DO HAVE Female Ejaculations. The Bartholin’s Gland located in the vaginal vestibule about 1-2 inches at the anterior aspect, is the “spongy” area that when manipulated, fills with fluid/lubrication preparing a woman for sexual penetration. Sometimes, we lucky/BLESSED women, are able to achieve what is called “The Female Ejaculatory Orgasm”–an over fill of lubrication from the Bartholin’s Gland. Increasing research is still being done on this topic of human sexuality. Yes, some woman do urinate with immense orgasm, yes…modern day Pornography (though very beneficial for some) has established unrealistic expectations of what sex is. Lets all remember even in Porn–it is a movie designed to heighted sexual arousal and at times applies good ole’ fashion movie “special effects”. When TRUE female ejaculation occurs, the sensation to urinate is real—though the fluid released is a totally different compound. Women should ALWAYS urinate BEFORE and especially AFTER sexually intercourse. The vaginal fluids we’ve study in the lab have same/similar properties as Prostate Fluid. On occasion, the sample contains a very small amount of actual urine (we always had our test subjects urinate before examination, and 100% complete elimination of urine from the woman’s bladder isn’t always possible for a variety of reasons). Ladies, I’m here to tell you…..IT’S REAL!!! Also, so says MANY OB/GYN providers I’ve personally worked with and know. Pat…do a little more research and you may find the scientific information continuing to mount is consistent with my statement.

  7. Dian says:

    I’ve always had a fat clitoris. my boyfreind often called it my lil penis and boy did it deliver a lot of pleasure. I’ve often had mutiple orgasm then all of a sudden it disappeared. I’m not on any medications.Can you tell me what happen to my “Pleasure” tool.

    • admin says:

      We cannot say what caused this sudden change but you could try these supplements to see if you get it back.

  8. wendy says:

    HI, it was interesting reading the articles, i am one who hasn’t experienced squiting, would love too enjoy a fantastic orgasnm. My sex drive with my partner has died its not him, i v lost the interest for some reason. I have purchased her solution tablets been on them for about 5 days there has been no change, i don’t feel any different yet anyway. I did purchase the gel, and i do not like it does’t turn me on one bit. ANy Suggestions.

    • admin says:

      5 days are too little to see any difference. Please try it for a month and see if it makes a difference.

  9. sandy says:

    I have never had an orgasm in my life.. what can i do to achieve this.. and mind you.. i also had a complete historectomy in!!

    • admin says:

      You could try the gel if desire is not a problem.It will stimulate the right areas and make sex more enjoyable helping you achieve an orgasm.

  10. Johanna says:

    It took me 75 years to learn about “squirting” my lover loves it when I orgasm like that.

  11. njeri says:

    i thought something was wrong with me when every time i get an orgasm i squirt and try not to get to that point.its so much pleasure that i cry out.Not every woman can squirt i never did before but am heading to 40 i know my body well and its amazing.

  12. Toni says:

    I am a female and every time my boyfriend and I have intercorse I am able to have a female ejaculation, or commonly known as squirting. Most females when being stimulated want a man to stop when they have the sensation that they pee, along with an extreme ticklong sensation if a girl can muster past that feeling they can have an amazing orgasm and they will leak fluid, which is NOT urine. Some have a lit tricke, others will gush. But I assure you it is possible and every friend I’ve told had tried it and it has worked for them. The girl must be fully relaxed, if she is not that may hinder her ability to orgasm. It is possible and I do it every time I have sex or masturbate.

  13. chuck says:

    You are WRONG! Women do squirt. They often will not allow enough stimulation because at first there is the sense they feel like they are going to pee. They wont but need to relax and enjoy it. It takes them to an incredible orgasm like they have never known before through clitoral ones. Then there are all the other kinds too…

  14. MONA says:


    • admin says:

      Hersolution is natural and safe free from any chemicals or toxins. However, you must consult your doctor before starting on it.

  15. Birdy says:

    I have this question about all th talk about squirting, I’m 58 and I never squirted. It sounds like fun, is it possible to or are some women just are not that lucky:( Help, One more thing can woman have an orgasm after a women has had a complete hysterectomy, can she and will this product help in all of the above.

  16. George says:

    Pat, I was married to a woman who squirted everytime we made love and it was incredible. Not every guy understands it and some even think that it is urine but trust me, it is not urine. My new wife is too uptight to experience this phenomenon but she did once and it scared her. I keep trying though because I know that eventually she’ll come around. Sorry to burst your blind bubble but it is real.

  17. Sally Hill says:

    Pat, you are most definitely wrong. Granted, I was almost 35 before I realized I could, but when I did it was mindblowing! I was being digitally stimulated, so I know for a fact it was me and not him. All women are different, some can squirt from only oral, digital, clitoral, or vaginal stimulation – or even from all! Experiment Pat!!! It is well worth it and once you figure out how you can achieve such an orgasm, you will be addicted! Trust me!

  18. Gem says:

    Poor Pat. Volume and time my butt. I’m 42, complete hysterectomy 2001. Have never had a sex drive in my life until now. I honestly feel like a cat in heat lately and i absolutely love it as i have never, ever felt like this. Although i cannot have an orgasm with just penetration alone, just recently i have encountered “squirting”, or maybe “trickle with a kick”, would be more accurate, as i feel it beginning to happen and tighten up. I did not know that this is a turn on for men. My boyfriend seems to like it, maybe i should just relax and “squirt”?

  19. Kristine Wolf says:

    Baring any physical anomalies all women have the potential to ejaculate. Women have a prostate that can release prostatic fluid during arousal of the g spot! The prostate can also be described as a urethral sponge. It is not urine it contains most of the ingredients found in male semen, without the sperm! It is a highly erotic thing when a woman ejaculates before during or after an orgasm. A lot of men consider it a turn on to see their partners in such sexual bliss. I recommend a good tutorial video to guide men and women to that kind of erotic ecstasy! It takes a little practice.

  20. Angelo says:

    For a single woman who whesis to get mind-blowing orgasms without a partner the best suggestion and solution for them is to get a sex toy either a vibrator or dildo, or sometimes a product that serves as both dildo and vibration.There are many ways for a woman to get mind-blowing masturbation without having a man in her life. Getting a good solid dildo from your local sex shop will be any woman’s first step to attain pure bliss and instant gratification. Women should pick a dildo that they feel will be appropriate in filling their pussy. I tend to go for big dildos based on black men or black porn stars but that’s just my preference. Its not a good idea to go and buy the biggest, juiciest looking cock on your first time especially since if you’ve got to do a lot of getting used to the idea.As a consumer you have to remember that most stores would not allow a return especially since the market has deemed sex toys like dildos as novelty items; aside from that, its not hygienic to do so.The second step to attain mind-blowing orgasm is invest in a great lubricant brand. Do away with your KY Jelly and try to look for other alternatives. For a dildo to work really well, you also have to consider the type of lubricant you rub it with. You can’t just go and put a silicone based lubricant on a foam based dildo.

  21. natural hair says:

    not all women squirt would love to experience it guess i hvnt got the right man to stimulate me lol

  22. william dewitt says:

    My female lovers have been very generous in fluid, which is not urine, in response to stiulation. I have lost myself in love to this pleasure many times, so I know it occurs during lovemaking!

  23. vikki says:

    well to all the guys posting…..We can and do squirt not every woman every time but yes. Maybe your woman hasnt or maybe she has and you thought all that fluid was yours. Either way it happens. Stimulating aka teasing the clitoris SLOWLY for a period of time will best achieve this affect

  24. mark says:

    Im thinking pat should not be writing articles called the truth about womens orgasms. I do not have an 8″ penis but pretty certain they exist. I have seen women squirt, though most don’t. seems silly not to believe for simply not having experienced it herself.

  25. Greg says:

    Sorry Pat, but you are definitely wrong. I have been in a new relationship and we have just begun to be intimate. To both of our surprise during our first session of vaginal intercourse, she squirted a very large amount of fluid. I don’t care what the reason, physical requirements, or anything else. It was awesome and we have enjoyed it everytime since.

  26. pat says:

    I’m sorry but i don’t believe that women can squirt. I have looked into it with the knowledge of volume and time. To me it appears that a woman would have to have a sack of this ” fluid” which would have to take up more space than that required by a pregnant woman with a full bladder.

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