Communication and the Female Libido

March 26th, 2010

Sometimes the simplest things in life are taken for granted. We often forget that simple things like communication are the basic foundation of any relationship. Miscommunication and arguments are the main reasons why couples often break up or even worse, divorce.

Sex is important in any relationship. This is because sex is sometimes considered the ultimate expression of love. It is often said that actions speak louder than words and what better way to show your partner how much you love them than by satisfying each other sexually.

But men and women are very different. Men, for example, are easily aroused by just looking at images, or with simple touches. Although men are more prone to sexual arousal by these methods, this is not lost in women either. But the process of sexual arousal or intimacy in women may start long before any kiss or touch is done by the partner.

Women are said to be more emotional than men and this is also reflected in the sexual drive or libido. This is why communication is very important in a female’s sex drive.

Setting the mood for intimacy is accomplished in part establishing trust between partners. This is where communication plays an important part in informing our partners what we want especially in matters such as sex. Knowing what each person wants in bed and anticipating their desire may be achieved by maintaining an open line of communication.

Personal relationships are special connections between two people. Communication keeps this connection strong and it helps exchange information like ideas, feelings and sexual desires. If a partner is unable to make that connection with a partner, sexual intimacy in females might also suffer from such failure.

Men and women have basic differences in terms of sex. While men are more into the physical aspect of sex, women have some basic emotional concepts about sex. Unlike men, actions taken before going to bed are important in setting the female’s mood toward sex. Emotional intimacy can make a woman more open to sex and increase female libido, making sex not only romantic but passionate as well.

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